Technology In Medicine

The study of medicine has come a long way. One of the historical medicine that I have read is the penicillin. It came in a point in time where it is badly needed as many are dying due to many reasons but also in the war. As war is everywhere so does its effect and that became deadly to many people. There is no known cure to it but then penicillin was accidentally discovered and now could treat scarlet fever, blood poisoning, pneumonia, strep throat, gonorrhea, tonsillitis, diphtheria, meningitis, and many more sickness.

Now there are also many discovered medicines to treat various sickness. There is also already many pieces of equipment that are being used in treating patients. Various machines specific to the type of sickness has been developed and they are becoming smarter. Since it has begun, developments are what is happening. No one could already turn back to the past as one would be so clueless about how to do a thing in the past as we already get used to what we have now.

Doctors are already trained on how to use the machines. Many things that they do before manually are being replaced by machines. They are more precise when a trained doctor uses them and they could also make only a tiny hole and operate inside. When a human doctor does it, the incision would be bigger as the tools should be able to enter through it. Now we can be thankful as improvements had been done.